The Group - Introduction

THE GROUP, an "Industry and Services" solutions integrator.

Since its establishment, SALAMANDER Group has developed on the basis of a strategy of differentiation and a continuous spirit of innovation.

Expertise in the two professional areas of industrial manufacturing and service provision has allowed the group to offer all clients stand-out solutions.

SALAMANDER Group is a leader in sourcing, trade, purchasing, supply, distribution and manufacturing technical niche market products.

The international dimension of the Group has allowed it to construct commercial relationships with some of the largest groups, whilst offering local services « a bespoke and seamless service ».

Comprising various companies, SALAMANDER Group holds, either alone or in partnership, position of global or European leader on the markets.


September 2012

ACHATS Logis – Development of the brand image

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SALAMANDER Group – Development of the brand image

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FARE Trade – Development of the brand image

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July 2012

SALAMANDER Group - Oxalyne joins the group

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