Our Commitments - Sponsoring

Commitment also involves exceeding oneself

Our sponsoring activities scrupulously respect the values of our group, as our philosophy consists of living and working together for common good.

Improvement of our visibility and contribution to the communities in which we live and develop are two important criteria which motivate our sponsoring decisions.

Sponsoring the THALES Group football team

When we hear the media talk about football, we only hear critique, debates and scandal often useless for matches, and interest almost solely lies in results, short term consequences and immediate stakes.

SALAMANDER Group has opted to provide support to this sport by taking due consideration of the founding values of football, such as exceeding oneself, team spirit, abnegation, opening up towards others and respecting adversaries and opponents. These values are shared by us and we try to implement these each day.

Charity sponsorship

SALAMANDER Group is involved in humanitarian causes through is support to charities with the same commitment levels, and the same energy is has in industry so as to show that it is possible to be just as effective.


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