Our Activities - Supply chain

A bespoke and seamless SERVICE

Management of all supply flows

On the basis of our industrial expertise in terms of stock management, we offer several possible forms of optimisation. We have an overall vision of flows pertaining to an industrial site. Thanks to this expertise, SALAMANDER Group has the objective of reducing cycles and optimising costs.

With our own platforms installed close to our clients, or those of our partners, we manage all of the following flows:

  • Industrial flows for the supply of factories,
  • Distribution flows for availability on markets,
  • Flows of spare parts and repairs for client support.


"In-situ" services

Industrial tools is a sector which SALAMANDER Group knows extremely well, this is why teams in the Group are capable of visiting client sites so as to provide services ranging from some of the most complex operations to the simplest of logistics.

SALAMANDER Group intervenes in industrial sites and manages their logistics with:

  • receipt, customs clearance, technical inspection and in store delivery,
  • order preparation and KIT preparation for delivery to production sites,
  • management of all factory flows,
  • packaging for dispatch of products or spare parts…


Stock carrying

The integration of flows of goods and merchandise and the productivity of the supply chain often remain limited by the conditions of transfer of goods between various stakeholders in the supply chain.

Funding of stocks by SALAMANDER and its financial partners can allow for modification of the conditions underpinning transfer of ownership and for increased possibilities of pooling logistical assets.

At the interface between producers and suppliers, and at the heart of issues surrounding rolling capital requirements, SALAMANDER offers clients it stock carrying services.

Stock carrying allows for the following:

- From a financial point of view: Improvement of BFR and Cash Flow for financial deconsolidation of stock
- From a purchasing point of view:
Reduction of physical stocks and reduction of supply and product management costs thanks to outsourcing.

This responds to a financial and strategic perspective for purchasing:

  • Stock carrying can address concerns expressed by our clients in helping to reduce their debt levels over the financial year.
  • This may additionally provide a response to strategic purchasing. We offer clients the possibility of directly purchasing from suppliers all raw materials necessary for their annual production needs.

Acquisition of stocks may be funded almost in full by bank loans, with funded merchandise being the sole security for Banks.


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