Our Activities - MRO

A bespoke and seamless SERVICE

SALAMANDER Group aims to offer a unique and optimal service, which generates profits.

Expertise in both industrial manufacturing and service provision allows SALAMANDER Group to offer all clients stand out solutions in Purchasing and Maintenance.


SALAMANDER Group provides you with effective Purchasing support in order to position yourself for calls for tenders. As a genuine specialist in the NATO classification and industrial supplies, we provide you with all necessary flexibility as provided by a purchasing office.

As a genuine specialist in logistical support and spare part supplies, we implement logistical services aimed at maintenance and operability for systems in the Defence sector.


SALAMANDER Group aims to seek, qualify and manage, on behalf of its clients, suppliers who are able to repair and manufacture parts and components in small series.

Management of client repairs:

  • Whatever your requirements, we will seek a solution in order to assist you in maintaining continuity in activities for you or your client. We additionally rely on a network of specialists in order to repair and deliver under warranty all parts you may require.
  • We provide a response to the issues experienced by our clients (obsolete products, closure of manufacturers, etc.) by producing products made to plan as well as model mechanical parts, in units or series, from several grams to tonnes, in steel, stainless steel, aluminium, smelt, bronze, etc. and in plastic (PTFE, TEFLON).

We repair:
System repairs, Electronics, Vats, Pumps and compressors, Automation and adjustments, Mechanical assemblies, Repair of control electronics, Screen Repairs, Radiofrequencies, Antennae, Transmissions, Repair of voltage electronic systems.

MRO, a complex and diverse offer:

  • An often demanding service (availability, reactivity, penalties, …),
  • Random and unpredictable demand, spare parts with low consumption and for which the price and critical requirements are heterogeneous,
  • Deadlines for receiving new parts are often lengthy (several months),
  • Complex repair cycle,
  • Unpredictable ranges of repairs,
  • Rotables to be scaled, repaired or supplied,
  • Standard trade management,
  • Material for which service configurations are multiple and develop over time,
  • Increased traceability of repairs,
  • Piloting undertaken by key performance indicators.


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