Our Activities - Consultancy

When consulting a Consultancy firm you will receive consultation

Our aim is to exchange opinions with you by showing concrete and operational results.

OXALYNE is involved in four sectors.

How to develop my purchasing organisation to operate all levers to reduce costs.

How to adapt my sourcing and organisation in line with my commercial strategy and to meet my objectives.

How to achieve my objectives or reducing costs by maintaining high quality standards and deadlines.

How to determine the Make or Buy
How to support GO, No Go

How to construct a robust business
How to pilot my outsourced contracts
What indicators should be determined.

How to support phases in transition
How to measure the performance of my outsourced contracts.

How to develop my Supply Chain in line with my company and objectives.

How to increase reliability of my logistics and optimise my flows.

How to optimise stock management, flows and transportation.

Management of teams in Transition. Implementation of teams in project phases.

Management of Purchasing and Supply chain peaks.
Delegating resources in Situ.

Insourcing and staff takeover.


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July 2012

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