Our Activities - Purchasing

A bespoke and seamless SERVICE

Our teams will allow you to optimise the productivity of your purchases. We provide you with the best skills to lower your supply costs.

Our purchasing offices were established with a view to offering industrial companies a collection of complementary services allowing them to increase their competitiveness and reactivity. Specialised in the Defence, Security and Aeronautics sectors, they have been able to transpose the requirements of these professions to other industrial sectors to which they aim their services.

Industrial purchasing

Trade and Distribution of industrial products, industrial supply of some of the most complex products. One of the leaders in purchasing offices specialising in technical purchases.

Purchasing overheads

The Group additionally outsources non strategic purchases commonly called overheads. From payment of invoices to supply of products and the provision of services required for client operations on a daily basis.

Electronic component purchases

Trade and Distribution of electronic components, cables and connectors. One of the leading specialist purchasing offices in electronic components, and assets and liabilities as well as other products on the electronics market.

Purchases in the Defence and Security Sector

As a specialist in the logistics and supply of spares and material intended for the maintenance and operability of systems in the Defence sector. Our expertise and knowledge of the NATO classification allows us to provide products and supplies for use in the aeronautical, naval and terrestrial sectors.


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